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Youth Leadership Custer County begins its second year as one of the most valuable opportunities for our Sophomore and Junior students. Those selected, by application and interviews, have the chance not only to develop ways to become stronger, more effective leaders in their communities and Custer county, but to recognize the important role leadership plays in positive community and county involvement.

The program is described as follows:

“Effective leaders are essential in today’s society, and serve as models of achievement, accomplishment, and triumph. The intent of Practical Leadership is to offer area high school students the opportunity to learn and practice essential leadership skills in a structured setting, then encourages students to apply those skills in leadership opportunities in their communities”.

This year’s team from Callaway High School consists of four new members—Sophomores Natalie G’Schwind and Savannah Weverka; and Juniors Emma Badgley and Emily Kimball. Amber Ross, our fifth member, is a second-year selectee who will serve in the capacity of bringing her leadership skills to the entire team and helping mentor new team members from communities and schools representing Custer County.

The Youth Leadership Custer County team meets in Broken Bow one day every school quarter to engage in developing leadership skills through interactive activities and learning from economy-minded business leaders and those in adult leadership roles in Custer County. One hour of college credit from Mid-Plains Community College is awarded to each participant who makes registration.

The mission of Youth Leadership Custer County is “to develop community leaders who will strengthen and transform the Custer County area by preparing participants to assume increasingly responsible leadership roles in their personal, professional, and academic lives”.

Youth Leadership News


  • 2014-2015 Youth Leadership

  • Stranger Danger

    April 2nd, Youth Leadership Custer County Team went to the elementary and talked to the
    Kindergarten 3rd Grades about Stranger Danger. They touched base on the buddy system and
    what to do if a stranger tried to talk to them. In the afternoon they talked to the 4th­ 6th graders
    about the 8 Keys of Success and Character Education. With the help of other high schoolers
    they ran a Quiz Bowl Tournament for the 4th­6th graders. The goal was to get the elementary to
    be interested in quiz bowl and the high schoolers to interact with the elementary students. The
    team was very happy with how smoothly the day ran and are looking forward to do this again.

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