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Student Council

Callaway Student Council representatives are elected by their classes. Each class in the Callaway junior high elects one representative and the senior high classes each elect two. The first task at hand for these 10 students each year is to help plan Homecoming activities. Every year the student council works with the Arnold student council to plan dress up days. Every other year we host the coronation and make preparations for that and the dance that follows. On the opposite year it is our duty to plan the night of activities which usually includes a pot luck, some type of game, and a pep rally put on by the South Loup Bobcat Cheerleaders!! The rest of the school year’s activities are up to the creative imaginations of the representatives. We have taken on issues that are near and dear to students’ hearts. We have requested for a mid morning snack. From that request, breakfast is now served mid morning. We have hosted Halloween dances and provided photo opportunities at the community Easter egg hunt. It is up to the group! Do you enjoy planning events like Homecoming? Do you have an idea you think would be good for the student body? Do you have ideas for our community? If so, work to be elected to the Callaway Student Council!

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