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Quiz Bowl is a competition held on a strictly academic level; participants excel in absorbing facts and random information. Quiz Bowl is a game in which two teams, consisting of six members (plus two alternates), compete head-to-head to answer questions from all areas of knowledge including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, math, sports, and popular culture. The game is played with a lockout buzzer system between the two teams. Players are read questions and they try to score points for their team by buzzing in first and responding with the correct answer. Quiz Bowl is played in a tossup/bonus format, which consists of two distinct types of questions.

Callaway Quiz Bowl is sponsored by Cathy Leibhart, consisting of a Jr. High team and a High School team. Jr. High competes in three meets: Custer County Quiz Bowl in Broken Bow, ESU 10 Quiz Bowl in Kearney, and one in Anselmo-Merna. High School competes in four meets: MNAC in Halsey, Custer County Quiz Bowl in Broken Bow, ESU 10 in Kearney, and the Callaway Quiz Bowl. They are all held second semester, with the exception of the MNAC in November. To be a Quiz Bowl participant, tryouts are held prior to each meet. The top eight scorers go on to compete in the following meet. Practices are held periodically and anyone is welcome, and encouraged, to participate in the practices. Why do you like Quiz Bowl:

  • “The feeling of WOW when you get one right!”
  • “It gives a kid not out for sports an opportunity to shine in competition.”
  • “It’s a chance to show my knowledge of random facts that I don’t always get to apply in my regular classes.”

Cathy Leibhart, Sponsor: [email protected]

 Quiz Bowl News

  • Quiz Bowl 2017

    SH team members: Seth Pearson, Isaac Stallbaumer, Brett Haidle, Dane Rynearson, Eddie Berger, Connor Rosfeld, Kaitlyn Pflaster, Garrett Hrupek, John Calvin

    SH- Custer County 2nd place

    MNAC 2nd place

    A-M Invite 1st place

    ESU 5th place

    Callaway Invite 2nd place 

    JH members: Dalton Kunkee, Calyn Laible, Carson Mason, Laney Badgley, Macy Rynearson, Irelyn Rosfeld, Lila Bloomer, Isabelle Stallbaumer
    JH results: MNAC 2nd place
    ESU 5th place
    A-M Invite 2nd place
    Parent Night 1st place

  • 2015 Quiz Bowl Team

  • 2015 Quiz Bowl Results

    Custer County Quiz Bowl - Feburay 25th 

    Sr. High Members - Dakota Seng, Noah Edgington, Lafeyette Loper, Jacob Mason, Seth Pearson, Isaac Stallbaumer, and Marshall Still

    - Jr. High did not place

    - Sr. High won 1st place

    Anselmo - Merna

    - Sr. High won 1st place

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