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  • The BUSY school year continues!

    We have completed nearly 5 weeks of school and things have not slowed down at all! Parent/Teacher Conferences are completed - but parents are always encouraged to visit with teachers about concerns or questions they have about their children. Today is picture day. Homecoming is completed. MAP testing is completed. ASVAB testing will be completed today. School will be dismissed on Friday at noon to allow travel to Hemingford for football. Volleyball is in full swing with games two or three times a week. The Junior High has completed some of their games. Art students will travel to Halsey State Park for instruction this week. Ag students will attend Husker Harvest Days this week. A Science field trip to North Platte is scheduled. One-Act Play cast has been decided. FCCLA has been to Alliance for leadership conference. The Music room is busy and loud! PE classes learned about fishing and put their training to the test with a field trip to a fishing pond. The Pre-School area is very busy! Please check out our Cube in the Pit Area and the Cafeteria - it allows us to broadcast events in the gym to the cafeteria and events in the Learning Center to the Pit Area. 
    And through it all, teachers still find minutes to teach. Time to prepare our students for those all-important State tests in the Spring. Thank you to the FCCLA for recognizing the efforts of the teachers with snacks during Parent/Teacher Conference hours! It is so nice to feel appreciated!

    Thank you to all who support our staff and students at their events. It is really very important to us all.

  • They're Back!!

    The doors are open and the kids are here! It's time again for school! Secondary students started on Monday with class meetings and a shortened schedule. Elementary students had an Open House Monday from 10:00 - 2:00. This was an opportunity for students and parents to visit this year's classroom and talk with the teacher. Great time for parents and students to ask questions and get things in place for the new school year. Monday evening was set aside for parents and students in grades 7-12 to visit with Mr. Keeney and get the paperwork completed to allow students to take home the ChromeBooks issued to them.

    It was a full day of school for everyone on Tuesday. 

    This week we will take care of lots of first of the year items. We will do height and weight health checks for all students on Thursday. We will do head lice checks at the same time. On Friday, we will do our bus evacuation drill. Schedule changes for secondary students are completed on Friday and classes will be set.

    Tired kids! Tired teachers! School is back in session!

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Well, we have nearly completed our first week of school. We crossed a lot of items off our list of to-do: health checks, head lice checks, bus evacuation drill... It has been busy.

Next week we will test our Elementary students in DIBELS on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to determine where their abilities lie in Reading. This information will help us to group students to best serve everyone. The tests are not difficult, but the best results come when students are well rested and have had a good breakfast. Please keep this in mind. Encouragement from home to do your very best on testing material goes a long way with students.

The following week we will test all students in MAP. This test replaces the old achievement tests we took as kids. This is our second year using MAP and the data we receive is amazing. Testing for elementary will be spread out over the week. Secondary students, grades 7-11, will test all day on Wednesday, September 2. This means that Seniors will have the day off since they are not tested. 

The air is much cooler in the buildings. Things are beginning to settle into a routine. Life is good at Callaway Public School.