South Loup Bobcats Sports 

This is the 5th year that we have been the Bobcats, beginning in 2010. The boys cooped 7th and 8th grade football for the last seven years, beginning in 2008. The junior high kids were kind of the trial to see if cooping between Arnold and Callaway would work.

The first few years of the coop, the boys football teams were very successful. They went deep into the playoffs each year. They have made the playoffs each year that the coop has been around. The girls struggled early, but have gotten better each year.


Practices have changed a little bit since the beginning. When we started, we went week by week. Week 1 we were in Callaway or Arnold and then the following week we would rotate. Now, we have all fall sports in Callaway and all Spring sports in Arnold. The winter sports we still rotate week to week.

About A.D.

Jarod Rush is the Activities Director for both schools. He makes all the game contracts and referee contracts. Jeff Cole is his assistant activities director and when we have games in Arnold he helps Jarod get things set up and find people to help. He also works a lot with setting up track meets.